Friday, September 21, 2012

falling for fall

I love fall.

It is by far the most pleasant season in the northeast.  The humidity drops, the temperatures dip just enough so you are comfy in a t-shirt or maybe a sweatshirt and you don't even have to give up your flip-flops yet (if you find this to be a painful process each fall as I do).  Granted tomorrow is the first official day of fall and the temperatures will begin to plunge further there is something about those first sweater days, the leaves changing, pumpkins and apples and that back to school melancholy feeling that never goes away despite being a "grown-up".  I love it all and although this summer was a wonderful one I'm thrilled to greet autumn.

Hubby and I got a chance to get away all on our own last weekend to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  A rare and wonderful treat to be enjoyed before our three becomes four this winter.  Check out this beautiful inn in New Hope, PA.  I am a sucker for an old stone home.

Our little guy started pre-school which has proved to be a difficult adjustment but when I picked him up the other day the teacher told me he had been comforting some of the other children that were sad.  He was telling them "don't worry, Mommy will come back" and even asked the teacher to "put down" a friend of his that she was holding so he could "play with her".  He is such a sweet boy and an old soul and the realization that the child I left sobbing that morning had calmed down enough to comfort his classmates warmed my heart beyond words.  You don't realize just how much your heart will swell and ache as a mother before you start this gig.  Sigh....   the most wonderful and difficult job there is. 

I've been enjoying setting out some little touches of fall through the house. 

Turns out that my ceramic pumpkin makes a good place for Buzz and Woody to hang out.  Who am I to argue?

We might go get some Mums this afternoon to get some fall flair on the porch as well.  Oh, and I'll be having some of this tea and these yummy cookies for a snack later on.

Happy first day of fall tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ahhhh... that's better!

Isn't it funny how something doesn't bother you in the slightest and then all of the sudden it does.  It is all you see when you walk in a room.  Your eye goes straight to it or them in this case and they distract you.  Well that is the story with our bedroom furniture.  We bought the unfinished wood furniture piece by piece when we were in the city.  In fact our dressers don't match but not so much so that you can really tell.  My Mom helped me paint them chocolate brown for our last apartment in the city to match our blue and brown theme at the time and they have remained brown since then.

Which was fine except they looked kinda dark to me.  Ignore the cluttered mess on top of the dresser.  I seem to be incapable of keeping that surface tidy.

The bedroom was feeling otherwise light and airy and then there were these big brown behemoths that I couldn't stop seeing.

 So after a trip to the beach on Sunday I decided it was time to paint them and my patient husband looked at the crazy pregnant lady dragging painting supplies upstairs without a word and we took turns making coats while the other entertained our toddler.

And so now

We also took up the deep gray rug we had at the end of the bed.  You can just make it out here.

I'd like to replace it with a seagrass rug maybe.  Something light.  We need more yellow too.  The tiny touch in the pillows just isn't enough and I want the room to read as grey and yellow rather than grey with random yellow pillows.  We are really pleased with the change and I can't resist white furniture.  I think it makes a space instantly light and clean.   Ahhhh... I feel like I can breath in there now!