Thursday, June 28, 2012

nursery board

Ok so turns out that swatch of fabric for the nursery was in a pile under other unopened mail which was under the computer on the kitchen table.  Ooops.  Somebody finally cleared the growing pile this morning and discovered it.  Since I'm a smidge "thrifty" we'll say and opted to purchase a $1.50 swatch from amazon rather than pay $7.00 for a large swatch, it is pretty small.  It does show all the colors though and I'm liking how it could work in the guest room, soon to be nursery. 

Did you know about Olioboard?  You can make design boards using images in their system and upload your own images.  It is pretty fun and I just spent about an hour longer than I intended playing with it.  Here is my first attempt at a design board for the nursery.

Some things are super accurate and others are close enoughs.  It isn't our exact crib or rug but it is the dresser we have, our chandelier, the little sleeper sofa we intend to buy, the pillows I'd like, the white drape and patterned roman shade thing I'd love to happen, that rattan pouf was a random addition that it turns out I love.  I put a letter B for baby Boyd.  There would be more accessorizing etc. but this is the basic idea I had in mind.  The wall color doesn't look quite the same but again it is the basic feeling. 

It is interesting to see it all because I'm realizing I might want to pull out more blue from that fabric and we really do need more texture like the rattan pouf.  Things I wouldn't have seen if I did my regular visualize in my head only technique. 

I'm liking the gender neutral feeling.  There will be stuffed animals and toys and sweet pictures on the wall but the main decor and fabric will be simple and adult.  What do you think about a more "grown up" nursery?


  1. I love the idea of a grown up nursery - you're the one enjoying it anyway! It also feels a lot more calm and serene.

  2. I too love a nursery that blends in with the rest of the home and doesn't scream baby! They'll do that for you ;)

  3. Teresa...I love your board and I love the idea of a more grown up nursery. I wish I could turn back the clock and do another nursery...the first one I did was classic Pooh and while I did like it I would so love another shot at doing a nursery now that my taste have changed and I have so much more experience under my belt. Guess I will just have to wait for Grace to grow up!
    Have a super weekend!!!


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