Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's a cup of tea

I've got a sample of that possible nursery fabric on order and several calls in to the cabinet maker who is supposed to be working on our kitchen cabinets.  That's all I got.  No calls back, no fabric yet.  We are kinda at a stand still with projects.  Well, that is not entirely true...  there is always trim to be painted but who wants to do that?  I will be slapping the final coat of paint on the trim the day we sell our house at this rate.  So, with nothing to do (or that I want to do) I'll have some tea. 

When having lunch with some friends weeks ago my friend told me about this wonderful tea.  They actually had it on the menu so I enjoyed some with dessert and that week she sent me a little package with two tins of tea.  I have been thoroughly enjoying the peach tea, I haven't tried the autumn blend flavor yet although with the chilly day we had yesterday it might have been appropriate. 

Harney and Sons teas come in these pretty tins and the tea bags are made with silk and it all around feels a bit more decadent and lovely than the lipton green tea I've been sipping as of late.  I've been enjoying it with a smidge of sugar and milk

and it doesn't hurt went you have a little cupcake to enjoy courtesy of your husband's post dinner sweet run : ) perfect on the porch in the sunny breezy weather we've got today.

I've been trying to add a little patriotic flair to the porch as well.

Happy hump day, hope you are getting more done than I am!


  1. I haven't been getting much done AND I've been enjoying tea everyday! Must be something in the air :)

  2. I love the tin that it comes in! cute!
    It's frustrating when projects are at a stand-still. Hope your fabric gets to you soon and the cabinet maker gets back to you soon. In the meantime, enjoy your break & your tea!


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