Thursday, June 7, 2012

stuff it in a basket

Do your kid's toys slowly start to vomit out into the room?   We do a pretty decent job of corralling our little guy's toys in a certain area of the living room but they start to multiply and before you know it they are creeping outward.  You are tripping over them and cursing them and the worst part is the more toys there are the less they seem to play with them.

Last weekend we did a major living room toy overhaul.  Babyish toys that are too young got packed up.  Broken bits and pieces were tossed.  Some toys got moved to the basement, some toys got moved upstairs and we added a basket in the entertainment area to help keep it tidy.

This wall is a major focal point of the room so I try to keep it looking as neat as possible.

Only when you slide the bins out can you see the true mania.

Since we eliminated some toys our little guy is actually playing with everything more.  Too many toys can be overwhelming.

It is no easy feat to keep the main living area of a home looking like an adult space with some kid things in it rather than a kid space that happens to house your furniture as well.  I love a clever way to hide the crud so you can still see the room overall.

Like these:

I'm not the most organized person in the world but a little tidy up makes me so happy.  How do you hide the mess?

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  1. Teresa,
    I remember those days! The older the kids get the smaller the toys become (unfortunately it seem the smaller toys cost more!) Love you bins on the shelf!
    dee dee


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