Monday, July 2, 2012

art shelf

Remember when I updated my shelf in the dining room so that it looked less like a folding shelf by adding a top?

You can read the details here.

Since I did the transformation I have rearranged the books, frames and other chotchkes many times over.

When went to Ikea on Saturday, this was my husband's first visit by the way, we found something that reminded us both of childhood and we couldn't resist.

Huh?  I know it doesn't look like much.  It is to hold a roll of drawing paper.  You know those big rolls you had in elementary school?  Something about the endless possibilities of that big roll held nice memories for us both so one came home with us.

But where to put it?  Space is at a premium around these parts and I wanted it to be accessible for our little guy otherwise what was the point?  I realized that I could shift the contents of that dining room shelf once again and make room for a little art shelf.

I put our crayons in a little tin pot,

stamps in a tupperware bin,

 tucked our stickers under the paper roll and voila!

A little art shelf for our little one.  I'm glad to say he spotted it yesterday morning and asked to draw : )

not just a housewife


  1. What a great find and I definitely remember those rolls from school!

  2. So sweet! It looks great (makes me want to draw there, lol).

  3. Excellent art shelf! Love that it is right on the little guy's level!
    dee dee


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