Thursday, May 31, 2012

how does your garden grow?

Ours didn't seem to be doing much of anything then we went out of town for Memorial Day weekend and Wham!

Everybody is looking big and bushy all of the sudden. 

I got really excited when I spotted these.

Yup, those are little green strawberries.  I'm already nervous that our anti bunny theft mesh system might not be enough to keep them out and am debating wrapping more mesh around it.  What do you think?

We are going to have a little salad with our greens this evening.

Everything is looking good with the exception of our peas.  They look dried out.  It may have gotten too hot for them already?  I might dig them up and use the valuable real estate for somebody else. 

We've got our first CSA meeting this Sunday so between our garden goodies and the produce we get from a local farm I'm hoping we won't need to buy veggies from the grocery store at all!


  1. Teresa,
    My neighbor grows a huge garden every year. Zac seems to be very inspired to grow one, but my energy level doesn't feel quite up to it this year! How exciting see see things grow! We have apples, pears and cherries... but no veggies. Maybe Zac will plant one for us!
    dee dee

  2. Yours is certainly looking good! It makes me feel like growing my own veggies again! Two years ago I planted some but I had to keep fighting a herd of rabbits that are still live in our neighborhood!and the stink bugs took property of the pepper plants! it was not fun! Still I have to give it another try!

  3. Nice garden! Those strawberries and starting to look good :) I don't know much about gardening yet. We just got our house and we probably won't get a garden in this year. But, I'm looking forward to not have to buy as many veggies from the store next year.


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