Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I showed you the new guest suite so I thought I ought to show you what is happening in the nursery so far.

Not a whole heck of a lot but I have to admit I got excited about it all the same.  I like the striped rug in there and that grey chair we brought up from the basement is so comfortable I will be happy to spend some serious feeding time in it.  I am working on convincing my Mom to make a white slip cover for it.  I offered to cut and pin the fabric for it and she gently told me that my sewing "help" would probably not be all that helpful.  Sigh...  I'm just not a sewer.  

So, imagine that chair covered in white with a pillow in this fabric

Pillow Mio

I'm thinking an ottoman in front of the chair so I can put my feet up and if there were storage for toys all the better.

The white floor lamp will stay but I'd love one of these woven shades from Ballard.

Ballard Design

You can see my nursery design board here, things are already changing a little.  I'm thinking the white drapes may be a bit blah and perhaps I should do drapes in the same khanajali glacier fabric as the pillow above?  Yes we will be moving the dog crate and I'll have to stop dumping random piles of stuff on every surface available.  What do you do when your guest room/random stuff piling area is inhabited?  I'm gonna need more bins to hide my piles!!!!

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  1. I like the chair and the rug, but I also love that dresser you have there! How fun to decorate a nursery!! I'll be waiting for more!


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