Monday, July 30, 2012

you say basement, I say guest suite

You are supposed to be singing the title of my post to the melody of "you say tomato, I say tomahto"


Very well, so what do you do when a new baby will be joining the family and the free bedroom is the guest room?  Well, in our case the guestroom becomes part of the basement.  What I shall now refer to as the "guest suite" and the former guest quarters will become baby number two's new digs.  We have many months before baby's arrival but I'm impatient and wanted to start fussing with the new decor.  Also the big boy bed upgrade for our little guy is imminent so the crib will cross the hall to the baby's room. 

We carted the bed down to our basement and we decided that styling it as a day bed would help it blend into the decor rather than scream "there is a bed in the middle of the room!!!!!"

We pushed the frame against the wall and I realized I was going to need to modify the dust ruffle since your standard dust ruffle has nothing at one of the short ends of the bed which for our purpose was not gonna work!

After taking these pics I realized I should have shown you the empty end... oops.  You get the drift...

The above pic is a little hard to understand but I cut away the back panel of the dust ruffle that would now be pushed against the wall and modified it to cover the short end.

I folded a little faux pleat for the corner and attached the length with glorious hot glue


Now to dress the bed with what we already have.  Some shams from our old bed set, white sheets, a tan blanket and some throw pillow that were already down there on the sectional.

 Not bad.  It blends well enough with the decor.  I may switch up the blanket and add a pillow or two but for a no cost change it isn't too shabby and the wall sconce centered above the bed helps it look all the more intentional.

The guest suite is open.  There is a sitting area, desk, bed and a play area.  What else do you need?

In another matter the lights we had in our living room will be going into the kid's rooms, one to the baby's room and one to our son's room.  I found new lamps at Marshalls today for only $20 a pop.  I removed the shades they came with and replaced them with my shades.

I really like the lamps but my question is do I paint them white?  It looks a little beige-a-riffic in here.  What do you think?

 As you can see Olive has decided to sleep on it...



  1. I can't get over how similar our houses are, I feel like I'm looking at my own basement! Styling the bed like a daybed and placing it under that sconce really help make it look more purposeful. It'll be so great having the extra room for guests.

  2. Teresa,
    I think your new guest suite is just marvelous! Tomato or tamato... I'd stay there in a heart beat!
    dee dee

  3. I see you are all prepared for us to come over for a visit...... We just might, we will be in the area around May :)

  4. This looks so good Teresa!! The bed doesn't look out of place at all. And it looks super cozy down there :)


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