Wednesday, March 14, 2012

another b for me

Now that it is so springlike and lovely out there we have to start addressing all the things that we said we'd do in the spring.  I can no longer claim it is too cold out to rake.  I don't mind doing yard work when the weather is like this so out came the rake and I cleaned the leaves that were all crammed in behind the bushes.

This photo isn't doing the situation justice.  Eight billion leaves all crammed in the forsythia and back to the house.  I was raking and enjoying the lovely weather but feeling distracted because what I really wanted to do was take this

and wrap it in this

the nap gods smiled on me today because the little guy slept on once the leaves were clear.  So I unwrapped the moss sheet and placed my B on it

I starting slowly trimming and hot gluing.  No real plan just figuring out as I went.

It was forgiving and messy.  I'd recommend taking this one outside.  So, after some cutting and some glue I had this

and with some grosgrain ribbon on the door.

The spring wreath has come inside in the dining room.  Thank you for your compliments.  I liked it but I think it was a little too little on the door.  On the china cabinet it looks lovely and once I get my Easter vignette all figured out I'll be sharing.

Ever a lover of letters and moss I am thrilled with my B.

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  1. I love your B project! It make a perfect addition to you front door! I might need to make one too! All my beds need cleaning too... I'm just to lazy today. I'm enjoying sitting in the back room with the windows wide open enjoying the beautiful day!
    dee dee

  2. Cute mossy monogram! I've been debating on making one of these!

  3. Oh I have a moss bag with this project's name on it! Yay! Thanks so much.

  4. Love it~Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  5. Very Pretty! I also love your living room!

  6. Beautiful wreath! But I'm partial because I made a moss covered monogram wreath too. Great minds think alike!

  7. Beautiful! Love the color of your door too. I hope you will share this starting tonight at The CSI Project, The challenge is Spring Vignettes and Decor. That includes Easter. It will be a great party!!! Lots of inspiration.

    Dee, the CSI Girl


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