Thursday, March 8, 2012


Spring is springing in the northeast!  It is sooooo beautiful out today! 

My chives from last year are poking up.

The pussy willows are fluffy

I got the tote I won from 21 Rosemary Lane.  I never win anything so this was big!

It's from 31 Gifts and it's adorable.  It will be perfect for lugging around all my Mommy junk this spring and summer and all those pockets will make it a great tote for an upcoming trip.

For the record I left the room and came back to find my toddler laughing hysterically inside this suitcase. 

I just want to live outside today.  Hope it is sunny and mild where you are too and you can get outside and enjoy it!


  1. Teresa...I am so glad you got the tote! It is really cute. And what a beautiful day today. I'm going to celebrate by hanging some clothes on the line.


  2. Your today sounds like my yesterday!
    Beautiful! (today it's raining...)
    dee dee

  3. Lucky you with that nice tote! I'm also enjoying the warm weather!

  4. Isn't it awesome that spring is so close :) I can see the hostas and the hydrangeas starting to poke their head up and I am soooo happy! Congrats on the tote :) so cute.



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