Friday, March 23, 2012

Mom's sewing room

This is where all the projects my Mom graciously sews for me are done.  Wouldn't you love a room like this to dedicate to sewing or crafting or making art?

view when you walk in the door
daybed cover she recently completed
view from the other direction

My Mom quilts so the walls are filled with some of her work.  That white slip covered chair with the matching ottoman is dangerously comfy.  It is a cozy but light feeling room and when the sun pours in in the morning hours it is a place you want to hang out. 

Maybe I would be able to sew if I had a room like this...  Well no, probably not but it is an inspiring space isn't it?

Happy Friday to you!  


  1. I want one!! It looks so calm and cozy. Perfect room for crafting and sewing!

  2. What a fabulous room! The color is so soothing, perfect for the creative mind! thank you for sharing!
    dee dee

  3. I wish I could have a room like that! I love the quilt that is on top of the daybed! She is an artist! wow!

  4. I think I'd be very productive if I had such an inspiring space :)

  5. A great space! My mom, who also sews, would be so jealous! I can't show her ;)


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