Tuesday, March 27, 2012

art from friends

My very talented friend Erin came over for lunch today and brought me one of her flour sack towels.

Don't you love that cow?  I draped it over one of the chairs on the porch to photograph. It even has "my green"!

Erin prints images of her original watercolor paintings and illustrations on unbleached cotton flour sack towels.  They are beautiful.  Visit her website here and her etsy shop here.  She also sells cards, prints and original paintings.  Thanks Erin!

I also found out I won Dee Dee's giveaway and now get the honor of displaying this little beauty in my home.


Thank you Dee Dee!

I'm one lucky lady!


  1. Love them both!! I'm going to go check out Erin's site!

  2. Oh my Erin's cow is fantastic! thanks for sharing!
    dee dee

  3. That's awesome! Lucky you to have such a talented friend :)

  4. The cow painting is great and goes so well with the chair. In fact it gives it almost a surreal quality when it is on the chair. It creates the illusion that there is a window on the chair.

  5. Teresa - the towel looks amazing on that chair! I think I may need to paint some chairs here green.... and borrow your color!! :)
    Thanks so much for showing my towel!!!!


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