Tuesday, March 20, 2012

put some spring in it

My egg wreath has found a home on the china cabinet.  It's much happier there.

it needed more eggs to keep it company so I had this join it

and I lined the base of it with leftover moss from my letter B.

When you have a mess of eggs what is three more?

maybe a moss bunny and a bird to keep one another company?

It's looking pretty springy in here!


  1. Teresa this looks wonderful. So pretty and springy. Great job on your display!!!

    Gosh I just love this time of year. Have a great day!!!

  2. The wreath looks so pretty there! I love all your spring/Easter decor!

  3. Teresa,
    Beautiful and perfect for spring!
    Your little bunny just makes me smile!
    dee dee

  4. Oh, it looks great with all its other Easter friends. That moss bunny is so cute.

  5. Your Easter decorations look beautiful!


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