Monday, April 16, 2012

lilac love

We have this massive lilac bush in the corner of our backyard.

It is blooming and it smells so very good.

I had to snip just a branch to bring inside.

smells like heaven

Lilac is among my very favorite scents.  When I was in high school there was a road with a bunch of lilac bushes.  When they bloomed the whole road smelled like them.  One spring my friends and I pulled over the car and picked a ton of the blooms so we could just drive around and smell them.  I wonder if my pal over here remembers? 

It feels like July here in NJ.  We've already been out in the sprinkler and had some lemonade.  Enjoy the temporary summer!


  1. So pretty!! I'm loving all the spring flowers here in Minnesota too! Your branch looks beautiful in the vase.

  2. I love lilacs too! I have some plans to plant a bush somewhere in my yard soon :)

  3. Oh Teresa, I love lilacs too! The smell is very spring! We have two old bushes here on the property, but neither are very big, guess I'll have to plant some more!
    dee dee

  4. The scent of lilacs brings back so many memories of my childhood! As kids we use to play in my best friend's huge lilac bush. Can't believe that yours are out already Teresa...our next door neighbor has lilacs and we are downwind from then so usually we get to enjoy that magnificant aroma!!!

  5. Of course I remember! One of my favorite memories (of our many) excursions! They are the best I wish they lasted all summer long!

  6. Ah a fellow New Jersey-an to boot. Gotta love our crazy weather and appreciate the summer in spring!


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