Tuesday, April 17, 2012

making the cut

I did it.

I cut the artwork.

But I have to tell you I'm glad I did.  I kept one in its original condition and framed it.  This is the one that the little guy did totally solo.

The other I was asked a few times " Mama you do" and so I made a brush stroke or two.  It was still his vision...

There were such excellent sections of it that I felt moved to chop it up,

and I'm glad I did because look how great they look

It's alright.  When he is rich and famous they will still be incredibly valuable even in their altered state.


  1. SO awesome!! I love the way they turned. I'm glad you cut them too :)

  2. I think kids do make the best abstract art. Those looks great framed.

  3. Teresa,
    I LOVE IT! The colors, the way you cropped them, better that most of the "canned" art you get in the stores!
    Worth double their weight in gold!
    dee dee


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