Thursday, April 12, 2012

my artist

Once a month there is an art activity for kids at a local museum.  It is a really nice program and we've been going for about six months now.  Some times the little guy is into it.  Other times he would much prefer to peruse the refreshment table and wander about. 

Yesterday we painted and he was feeling it.  He hasn't really painted much.  I've given him watercolors to paint with now and then but he has never had real cups of tempura paint and a big brush and a cup of water.  The whole deal. 

Now I am a smidge biased here but aren't they fantastic?

I have these two little frames that have some owl drawings that I did in them.

I was thinking I could cut out two of my favorite sections of his paintings and frame them for his big boy room.  I'm hesitating a bit to cut them up though...   what do you think?


  1. I wouldn't cut them. They are too beautiful! But with bigger frames they would be great for his room. :)

  2. So bright and colorful!! I wouldn't be able to cut them either. I pre-cut a bunch of paper that would fit in the frames I had for O's room and let him go at it. That way I didn't have to cut them!!

    I did see on tv an artist that you send your kid's drawings to and she cuts them into little squares, mattes them, and frames it as one huge piece of art. I wish I could find her on the internet it was pretty cool.

    Or you could always scan them in and cut the prints!

  3. Totally fantastic! I think cutting them and framing them will make them last longer than they might if they were unframed and uncut.

  4. Oh cut them up and frame them (or get some larger frames!) But I can tell you that some of my favorite framed paintings I've done were small canvas that were cut from a big one!
    Can't wait to see what you do!
    dee dee


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