Wednesday, April 11, 2012

same lamp new color

Oh spray paint how I love thee.

I took this lamp.

and I taped off what I didn't want painted, stuck it in a box in the yard and sprayed it like crazy

and now it looks like this.

It is a great addition to the reading corner in the big boy room.

Truth be told we don't use the rocker all that much.  We end up on the floor when we are reading most of the time.  So the rocker will get moved out of here at some point and in it's place we'll put his blue chair which he loves to sit in.

I saw this idea and I love it.  So I plan to do the same on the wall underneath the red shelf.  I can't ever get enough books!

i heart organizing

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  1. Yes, spray paint is awesome! I love how your lamp turned out. From your pictures, it looks like there is a bit of a red undertone under the silver- very cool!

  2. The light fixture looks great in that color! I love the shelves you're planning on doing too.

  3. Excellent idea! Love both the lamp and the red shelves!
    dee dee

  4. Oh, Teresa, this update looks awesome! It looks like all the School House Electric lighting that is so popular right now.

    Your little boy's room is filled with so many lovely projects. He's a lucky guy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love what I see!

    Claire @

  5. Great lamp - in red or silver! I love spray paint, too. :)


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