Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've got yarditis.  Spring rolls around and I get consumed with our yard.  I blame my parents.  Growing up we always had very pretty yards.  Lush green grass, flower beds and assorted plants that were cared for and healthy  There was always some serious curb appeal to my childhood homes and well now that we have our own home I want that too.


 I want healthy green grass and weed free flower beds.  I don't think I had any idea before moving into our home what that actually involved.  I thought you watered and mowed grass and voila!  I thought you planted some flowers and shrubs and they thrived!


Yes, I was a fool.  Gardening is not really an exact science I am finding.  Despite following instructions you are up against all sorts of challenges like soil quality and little pests that will undo your hard work pretty quickly.  I feel like our yard has battled against us since we moved in.  Grubs, nutgrass, bunnies galore.  I mean there are seriously strange numbers of bunnies in this area...

When you have a little home on a little lot your landscaping is all the more important and I think that is why it consumes me so.


I have been told by my father that they will be forced to do an intervention if I don't relax about the yard.   This is after I texted him to ask why my yard hadn't greened up yet after I spread ironite.  I may or may not be peeking out the window several times a day and squinting my eyes as I drive up in the car to decipher if the grass is just a shade greener?  It is a sickness....  it truly is.  I'll just gaze at the amazing yards above and dream.

You know how I mentioned I wanted some clematis?  Well I got some.  I'd like it to look like this...

but it looks like this...

 I know, I know, patience...  these things don't happen over night.  The thing is, I'm not terribly patient.  I know a watched pot doesn't boil but does a watched plant grow?  I'm just staring at the pitiful thing.

Do you have yarditis?


  1. The best things in life take time!
    dee dee

  2. YES!!! I have yarditis in the worst way. Hours upon hours each day I pace the garden trying to determine which areas need the most attention. I enjoy expanding my garden through cuttings and seeds, so I understand your clematis dreams... just remember patience is a virtue and beautiful gardens do not happen overnight. ; )


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