Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue and White and striped all over

I am getting ready to purchase this shirt from LL Bean

LL Bean

I've already got one.  I've worn it non stop for 2 years and it washes really well.  This will bring my blue striped shirt total up to 5.  That is in addition to 2 blue striped dresses.  What is it about a blue stripe, particularly navy blue that I can't get enough of?

They just look so crisp and clean to me.  Relaxed yet polished.  Casual but chic.  I love me some stripes and now I've been thinking about getting some navy stripes in the house too.

Like on the floor...

Country Living
or the windows...

Trapped in North Jersey

or the bed...
The Lennoxx
Which got me thinking that the guest room would love some stripes I think.  How about navy and white with that green color on the walls?  Could be wonderful I think!

How did this happen?  I was just ordering a shirt.  Why don't I go paint that door in the guest room that clearly needs another coat of paint. 


  1. I have one blue and white shirt that I love too!
    that blue and white on the beds... wow it's stunning! Can't wait to see how this one ends!
    Dee Dee

  2. Love that color combo. I actually just bought a shirt similar to yours at Old Navy the other day. Can't wait to wear it :)

  3. Navy and white stripes are so pretty! Perfectly preppy and nautical :) Can be dressed up or dressed down.


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