Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mellow yellow

I went back to the fabric store where I picked up the swatch I talked about here and I'm a lucky lady because they still had some months later!  I also found a great striped fabric too.

The grey and white in the back is the fabric from our drapes in the master bedroom.  I found the drapes at Ikea and loved them.  I bought two sets and I only used one panel on the smaller window, I just cut it in half.   I used the fabric from the other panel to upholster our desk chair and had my Mom make throw pillows too,  I even have a little left.  The room has been screaming for yellow and I added a little yellow in the desk I painted with chalk paint.

I think these fabrics will make some lovely accent pillows.  I'm thinking maybe a little yellow trim on the drapes too?  We'll see...

I haven't showed you the whole master.  This is the most you've seen I think.

Won't some yellow do it good?!

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  1. Yellow will add so much to this already beautiful room! My January is over and I'm excited to buy some fabric to up date some pillows in my house too! Can't wait to see it all put together!
    Dee Dee


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