Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been lovely thus far.  My sweet husband surprised me with flowers and I made a trip to the bakery today to get some treats and this big heart cookie for the little guy.

This was my favorite type of cookie to pick at the bakery when I was little.  I put lots of thought into making the right choice to maximize the size and sugar content of all treats.  I found the sprinkled butter cookies to be really big and really sweet so they were perfect!  My little guy shares my love of sweets and enjoyed his special Valentine treat.

My heart is full and happy.  I am a lucky lady with a sweet family that I love so very much.

I picked up some quarter round at home depot yesterday.  I'll be making my first attempt at installing it.  Angled cuts and precise measurement are not my strong suit but I'm kinda excited!


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  1. Happy Valentines Day!
    Save a cookie for me!
    Dee Dee


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