Thursday, February 2, 2012

more door

Why am I doing nothing but painting doors this week?  I'm not really sure.  I do know that it was 60 degrees here yesterday so I could open up the door and windows and paint while the little one napped.  "That must mean he takes wonderfully long naps for you to get two coats on the door!"  No he doesn't and yes I did slap a second coat on while the first one was still tacky.  No worries though because it dried nice and smooth.

It took five greens to get the right green for our front door.  I was having a seriously difficult time finding the right shade.  I finally got a sample mixed up that I loved and I used the whole thing on the front door and that was that!  I've been wanted to paint our back door green as well for months and yesterday was the perfect day.  It was a use what you've got kinda situation so I mixed all four of the reject greens I had left with some white until I got a color I liked for the back door.  It's brighter than the front which is nice.

The before

The after

This door leads out to the screened porch and back yard.  We've got more of this bright green out on the porch.  I refer to this shade of green as "my" green.  My Mom will call me and tell me Target has some dishes in "your green",  I have claimed ownership of the color I like it so much.   Now the door ties in nicely with the back porch and it is way better than that tan blecky color.

Here is the softer green of the front door.

It is a bit brighter than this photo shows.  Somewhere between the punchy green of the back door and a sage.

Don't you love a bright door?

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  1. Both greens are pretty but the back door really has a nice 'pop' to it. Your living room is pretty too, and I especially like the gallery wall.

  2. That is such a happy color to come in to! It's going to make you so happy coming indoors... a continuation of the spring and summer! Nice work!

  3. I love the bold color of "your green"! Keep going.... you can do it!
    Dee Dee

  4. LOVE IT! love them both. It's so much fun to have a door that is kinda out of the ordinary, my front door is aqua. Very nice work.

  5. Love the green door!! My front door is red and my backdoor is hydrangea blue.


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