Thursday, February 23, 2012

hanging lantern

We have some improvements planned for our porch.  It is a great space that we get a lot of use out of but it needs to be prettied up and fussed with so we can really make the most of it.  The concrete floor is dirty and stained.  We are going to power wash it and stain it in the spring.  We need a new outdoor rug and I'd love to find a lounge chair.  We like to eat lunch and dinner in the porch when the weather is nice and these sunny winter days get it really toasty too so we've been hanging in it a bunch lately.   There are no lights out there and we had some string lights up but they always looked sorta messy to me.  Yesterday at home goods I saw this on clearance for $8

It's a solar lantern but judging from the mysterious rattling in the little solar panel that part is busted.  I can easily fit a solar candle or battery operated candle inside so I wasn't bothered by that.

I thought it would look nice suspended about the table.  A lantern chandelier.  I grabbed some leftover chain from our dining room chandelier

I played around with the lantern to figure out how low I wanted it to hang then opened up the chain with pliers so it would be the right length.

Then time to spray paint the chain black so it matches the lantern.

It is hard to spray paint chain by the way, you are always missing a spot!

After what seemed like 40 coats we were in business.

I screwed a little hook into the ceiling over the table and wrapped a little black wire along the top of the lantern and the chain to attach the two and...

I took the plastic thingy out of the inside.  I'm not sure if that was to help it illuminate with the little solar bulb or what but with a plain white pillar candle it looks much nicer.

I like it!  Looks a little more polished and as we make the other improvements out there I think it will start to feel like an extension of our home rather than the dirty porch with a mish mash of stuff.  I've got a plan for another light out there that I'll be trying to figure out.

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  1. Hopping from Shabby Creek Cottage. I like how you transformed it into a pendant light! It looks really nice! following you on Linky and GFC, It would be nice if you follow too!

  2. Very nice touch! Looks more inviting already!

  3. That lantern is so cool! I like how it's modern and industrial looking. Also a score that you don't have to plug it in!

  4. Excellent thrifty find! Looks perfect in your sun porch, by the way I would love a sun porch, you are so blessed! I'll be looking forward to seeing all your updates as spring rolls along!
    by the way....
    did i miss your post on the finished backsplash in the kitchen? I would love to see it!
    dee dee

  5. What an awesome addition to your porch! Thanks for the inspiration and happy (almost) spring!

    thistle :)

  6. I love lanterns! It looks great! I'm giving you a Liebster Award! Check out my post tomorrow to see the post! =)


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