Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend happenings

Did you have a good weekend?

My husband got some of this

and did this

It's a raised garden bed!  I'll be back with more info on it tomorrow and a picture of it completed in the yard!

I spent lots of time in here

and it looked more like this

but it was well worth it because my dear friend taught me how to make this

into this

Ok well she pretty much did it but she did show me how so theoretically I could do this now...  hopefully.

I also made this

and we watched some of this

I love Emma Stone, she is adorable and that dress is lovely.  I lost our annual Oscar bet which is as much a tradition as watching the awards at this point.

I'll be back this week with more details of what I did in here

and what my husband did with this

Happy Monday!


  1. That bread looks soooo good! I am passing the Liebster Blog Award on to you! Check out my post on it @

    Best of blogging and decorating luck!

  2. I love your kitchen. Reminds me that I should really put a roman shade up in our kitchen. I also love the light fixture. Good job on the bread making! Looks tasty!

  3. Your kitchen looks fantastic! The backsplash adds the perfect touch! Now I'm a huge carb girl and that bread.... hide the loaf, I'd eat it all!
    What are you going to grow in the raised garden?
    Dee Dee

  4. I love Emma Stone too!!! I actually didn't get to watch last night because the boys outnumber me and the NBA all-star game was on! But I have the fashion police already set to tape tonight!! :)


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