Monday, December 19, 2011

Feeling all Christmassy

This morning I opened the front door and saw this.
The sun was pouring in and my front door with its swag looked so pretty.  I have always loved the holiday season and this has been a wonderful one.  We went to chop down our own Christmas tree for the first time.
 I've really enjoyed decorating for the holidays this year.  As our house has come together more and more I've had a better sense of what I wanted to add for our Christmas decor and the house feels so cozy.  I'm afraid I'll be talking myself into leaving them up as long as possible.  I've already been thinking about how I could maybe leave some of them up as "winter" decor for a while. 

We have been able to get together with friends and family to celebrate.   Look at these cookies my amazing friend made this weekend.
Now look closer at those snowflakes.  No two are the same, she is just incredible!
Now we've got less than a week until Christmas.  I've got just a few things left to do and we are really looking forward to having time with family.  Our little guy is just old enough to happily point out Santa and although he knows what a present is and is happy to receive them he is more than happy to hand them out as well.  I'm imagining some serious shock and delight on Christmas morning when he sees what Santa has brought him.  Watching him will be the best gift we could get. 

Hope everyone has been enjoying this season and you are done with your to do list or nearly there!

You are due some house tour this week so I'll get to work and give you another room or two.  Happy Monday before Christmas!

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