Monday, December 26, 2011

What was old is... still old! We like it that way.

How was your Christmas?  Ours was lovely.

We are enjoying some quiet family time and we went through some great old photos.  I was glad to find the one below of my older brother in his room when he was about four.  Isn't he cute?

Look at that green wall and that animal wallpaper.  I'd gladly decorate a child's room just the same now, minus the shag carpet perhaps : )  See that little dresser to the right there?  That dresser was purchased for my brother's room when he was a baby with a little help from my Dad's parents.  When my brother got his "big boy" furniture I had that dresser in my room for years.  When I picked out my first real bedroom set at six with a white canopy bed of course, that dresser went on to live in the guest rooms of my parents homes.  It got a knob change once or twice but that was it.  This summer I talked about wanting a dresser for our little one's room and my Mom offered it to me.  I gladly took it and here it is now.    

I thought at first I'd change the knobs but those old jenny lind style handles are sweet.  I never even considered painting it, I'm not sure why.  The pieces that I talked about here really scream out for paint to me.

The dresser doesn't.   Maybe because it's always been around in my home, even before I was.  Sometimes its nice to freshen up an old piece and sometimes its nice to just keep it as it is.  Especially when it holds a bit of your history. 

Hope your holiday was wonderful.  I'm going to get back to my family and have a cookie I think!

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