Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Cards

I wanted to do a homemade Holiday card this year but time kept ticking by and I opted for the good old standby of a photo card in the end.  People love to see a picture, myself included but there is something really special about a homemade card. Here are two Holiday cards that I drew in years past.
This is from 2008 and featured the hubby and I and our furry child before the little one came into the picture.  The following year with a newborn I didn't get it together but 2010 I sent out this one.
I can't get enough of silhouettes and I thought this would be a nice way to incorporate the whole family in the card.  So, it seems I'm on an every other year program.  Perhaps I'll have a nice drawn card for 2012 then?  I love the idea of something a bit more funky like this one
ellothere custom christmas card
from Ello There Wedding Invitations Shop on Etsy  or this one from

Jelliandink custom cards and stationary on etsy.  Now I've got some great inspiration for next year.  How about you?  Do you make your own holiday cards? 

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  1. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! Nice to meet a fellow Jersey Girl! Your silhouette card is fab - you are a great artist. Love your bathroom reno (we rented a 50's house while we renovated and trust me, our bathroom was hideous)! Following along.


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