Thursday, December 8, 2011

chandelier redo

When we were moving in I looked at the chandelier in the dining room and thought "Nope" so down it came and sat in the basement for about a year. 
here it is in all its brass and wood combo glory
We were slowly working on changing out the old ceiling fixtures in the bedrooms and I thought that I'd love a chandelier in the guest room but it wasn't something I wanted to spend much money on.  I had seen lots of chandelier redos all over the web so I figured I'd find an old cheapy and spray it.  Then I realized I had an old cheapy already so I ran in the basement and rescued it from the workroom shelf.  I removed the glass shades and sprayed it a gloss white.  I made a little cord cover with some white cotton I had.  I actually glue gunned it together over the cord once the chandelier was already hung.  Ridiculous but I didn't think to construct it before we hung it up and there was no way we were taking it back down again. The wiring in this house is a little wonky and changing the fixtures can be a little complicated.  So here she is...
Much better!  I originally thought I'd put fabric shades on it but I like it without them.  Check back for more house tour!

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