Tuesday, December 13, 2011

House Tour, Bathroom

I think you'll agree that when you are dealing with a bathroom like this
the before
you really couldn't do much to make it worse.  Whatever we did was going to be a vast improvement.  We were not ready to undertake a full renovation and since we only have the one bathroom it had to be ready to go when we moved in.  We had all the pink tiles reglazed white along with the big green tub.  The process was fairly inexpensive and the result was waaaay better than before but we don't love it.  It is sort of a "band-aid" improvement and will either need to be redone in a few years or we may decide to do something different at that point.  We had a simple black and white tile floor put down and replaced the sink and toilet and voila!

I kept the room black, white and grey with just a touch of color in an accent.  It is such a small room that I was afraid anything more would close it in. 
Wow, it is shocking for me to look at that before again.  Hard to believe there was ever a time that anyone would willingly combine all those colors in one tiny room! 


  1. WOW!!!! What a transformation! I really love your new bathroom (although those cake pops don't look too bad, either) LOL! Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog!

  2. How did you do the b o y d? Did you find those pictures? I want that!

  3. Anna! The Boyd photos were a gift. I know they were from an etsy shop so I'll find out the name and get them to you!


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