Tuesday, December 20, 2011

House Tour, Guest Room

Our guest room is a funny room.  It has two doors, one to the hallway where the rest of the bedrooms and bathroom are located and the other leads to the kitchen.  We leave both doors open when we don't have a guest and use it as a walk through space.  It also serves as the place where random things that have no place to live go to hang out and the closet in there holds my husbands clothes since the closet in our master in rather small.  So,  its a funky little room with few options for furniture arrangement.  Here it as when we were moving in.
Here it is now.

There isn't much natural light because the windows lead to our screened porch.  That was one of the reasons we chose the bright green.  I love green and I was determined to paint one room this color and since the kitchen didn't work out the guest room got the green treatment.  You'll notice the old wood flat door is replaced with a 6 panel door.  We replaced all the doors in the house a few months ago.  They were all in rough shape and we had spent the last 6 months unable to close our bedroom door unless one of us literally shut the other one in from the outside.  It was too warped to shut from inside the room.  Anyway, a much needed improvement that we are thrilled with.   I found the happy floral bedspread at Home Goods and of course you met the chandelier already here
We didn't have an end table to use in this room so I took a beat up tv tray and spray painted it black.  You can tell its still a tv tray but the look is much improved and it does its job.  We were given this lovely desk and chair.

They sit on the wall opposite the bed.  I drew the two silhouettes to the right in the letter holder to compliment the silhouette tray.  I found the canvases with the black velvet accents in Michaels and I painted in the silhouettes with black craft paint.

I hung plain white drapes from Ikea from floor to ceiling.  As you can see there is still trim to be painted and accents to complete but its a happy little room.  It is terribly difficult to photograph because it is dark so I apologize for less than stellar photographs. 

If somehow you have not seen this yet please watch.  My husband confirmed that I have in fact said every single thing in this video.

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  1. Your guest room is so pretty! And your silhouettes are perfect (great job on the project)! I love the colors your used! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and have a very Merry Christmas!



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