Tuesday, January 3, 2012

and we're off!

Happy 2012!  It's back to life as usual around here so I got right to work on project number one.  Remember this table?
I had big plans to mix of some homemade chalk paint with this.

I read up on a bunch of other people's experiences with homemade chalk paint and found some interesting consistency issues.  Someone said it resembled painting with lumpy pancake batter.  Whaaaat?  Well, turns out that was exactly what it was like but strangely when the lumpy mess you've mixed up hits the furniture it smooths out rather quickly.  The lumps are gone and it adheres really well without any sanding or priming which as far as I'm concerned is a miracle!

I couldn't find any really specific ratios for mixing aside from a 1 part plaster of paris to 2 parts paint.  So I mixed one part plaster of paris to one part paint first and got it as smooth as I could and then mixed in the other part of paint.  I got to work quickly because it does stiffen up and I kept stirring as I worked.  I even added a little water when I was nearing the end to loosen it up again.  Two coats did the trick.  I sanded a little around the edges to distress it and a bit on the top where I was a little sloppy with my strokes.  Everything I read said that Annie Sloan's wax is far superior to any furniture wax you can buy but I opted for a $9.00 can of minwax and it worked just fine.

So, with a $6.00 container of plaster of paris, a $9.00 can of minwax and some Behr paint samples I had left from our bedroom I transformed that table to this.

distressed detail

It's a very pretty soft grey.  I'd say my first homemade chalk paint adventure went well.  I am always trying to figure out a way around priming and sanding and this let me skip those steps with a clear conscious. The distressed look I wanted allowed me to be pretty relaxed about painting since I was going for an aged and imperfect look anyway! 

My little desk for the bedroom is up next and I'm walking around the house sizing up other furniture victims to paint as we speak.

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  1. Wow - you sure are clever. LOVE what you did with this table. So pretty.

  2. I love this....I have never heard of homemade chalk paint before. Have you ever tried the real thing? I have never tried it, but I want to!

  3. Wow! Hard to believe it is the same table. It looks great!

  4. I hear you in regards to priming and sanding! This came up a treat. What a lovely place you have created here, I know I am going to enjoy looking around. I hope twenty twelve is everything you wish for and more. Thank you so much for sharing. I will follow on my way out so I can revisit. I hope you can find the time to come visit me and do the same. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. Great job! I'm a new follower so stop by and visit cause' I love new blog friends, Lori

  6. Wow I was just at JoAnns today looking for chalk paint, they looked at me like I was blue.... I have to try your formula! Thanks for sharing... love your sweet table!
    Dee Dee
    btw- i'm your newest follower!

  7. Love it! Thanks for linking up! Check out my giveaway....

    XO, Aimee


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