Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Goals 2012

While driving home from seeing family for the holidays I asked my husband what was on "the list" for 2012.  Now truth be told the list will change many times over and priorities will shift.  It is just my way.  One day I will be consumed with a solution for something in the house and the next day it seems minor and it slips to the bottom of the list.  So it goes!  Here are the major players:

1.  Back splash for the kitchen.  The tile and grout have been purchased and it may actually happen this week.  Cross your fingers please!

2.  Replacing the kitchen baker's rack with some permanent cabinetry of some kind.  Tricky because it has to be custom but we are hopeful that we can do it in a cost effective manor.

3.  So very much trim has to be painted and all the doors too.  Ugh.  Lots of the trim in our house is still this icky off white that you see below, bleck!

4.  Sun porch needs some sprucing.  The floor should be power washed, painted and covered in a lovely outdoor rug.  Maybe some lanterns as well?

5.  Landscaping in the back yard and the front.  More bushes, flowers, another tree, more green!  Maybe a little vegetable garden!
via this old house

6.  Deal with the metal mini blinds in the living, dining, master and guest bedrooms.  I don't like their look but they function well.  Maybe faux wood blinds in their place?   Something like these with a nice cornice piece at the top.

 7.  Work on making this house work for us.  Our house is on the small side but the truth of the matter is there is more than enough room.  The more we can fine tune the way we live in our little house the happier we'll be.  We might have to be creative and resourceful but this is and can continue to be a great home for us.

8.  Organize but remember that it is not my nature to be VERY organized.  I am tidy but I pile things and the best thing I can do is to allow myself to pile things up but have baskets, bins and drawers so I can stash things out of sight.  Realistic expectations are key!
via country living

9.  Replace this folding bookshelf that I distressed (painted with one coat of white paint then got bored) with a buffet or something more dining room appropriate to increase storage and look better!

10.  ENJOY IT ALL!  I do love our little house despite frustrations with some parts.  I get a ton of joy out of thinking about and eventually carrying out all the changes we make.  It is a hobby, a passion and a source of pride for me. 

11.  Because this one goes to Eleven!  A more personal one that I'm sharing at the impossibility challenge  is to draw.  I don't do it much and when I do it is to give as a gift or use in a specific way.  Making art used to be a bigger part of my life and  now I never draw to just enjoy drawing which is a real shame.  So this year I shall draw and it can be the tiniest silliest little drawing on the back of a target receipt.  I'm counting any little doodle but I'm going to get that pencil moving again.

There you have it.  More than enough to keep us busy I'd say.  I'll be keeping you posted on our progress of course!  Cheers to 2012!

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  1. Such great goals ... and I'm thrilled that you are joining up with our "impossibilities" challenge! The faux wood blinds ... if thick slats ... can give that planter's shade look (which I love) ...

    ... and goal #10 is my favorite!


  2. Oh Teresa!

    I am so happy that you are joining us for the challenge. My favorite is #7! I love that you are "making it work" as Tim Gunn always says!


  3. Such great goals Teresa! I'm so glad you're joining the challenge. And I love that your challenge is to draw. What a personal thing to take on, I hope you enjoy every minute of it!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  4. If you can make a garden that looks like that I will hire you to come to my backyard LOL and you would have to come pretty much everyday to weed... ok?! It's glorious!

    Cheers to your drawing pursuits! It will be a great release :)

  5. Can't wait to see all your fabulous goals unfold this year!
    dee dee

  6. I'm tired just reading this! So glad you are joining our challenge!! I used to paint and don't anymore - I think it's great to take up a creative challenge! Can't wait to see! Following along.


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