Monday, January 23, 2012

cutting the rug

Thank you for the nice comments on the new rug
It was growing on me.  I was digging all the texture and the knots.  The thing about those knots was that you could feel them.  When you walked across the rug it was sorta like you had thrown a rug over a bunch of pebbles.  It was an odd sensation.  We are a lay on the floor to play and watch a movie kinda family.  That was not happening with knotty McRug.  So on Friday evening after the little one went to bed my husband and I did a lot of ...

" I like it"
"yeah, I like it" (walk into the other room and walk back to stare absently at the rug again)

This went on for a while.  Clearly neither of us were sold and we were both trying awfully hard to make it work because the thought of rolling it up and sending it back sounding far too annoying.  Well, the rug lasted to the following morning when I admitted defeat and rolled it up.  It is currently in the back of the car awaiting it's haul over to UPS.

We've already ordered another rug but I'm far too nervous to share my selection yet.  You'll have to wait and be delighted or disappointed right along with me.  Rugs are so darn tricky.  I wish I was a fancy decorator and I could have a bunch sent over and figure out what works.  Ah well, keep your fingers crossed number two does the charm and is a little more comfy to lay on while I watch Downton Abbey.


  1. Oh Teresa...
    You are so funny! By all means, if it doesn't work try something else! I'll be waiting with baited breath to see what you have selected!
    Dee Dee

  2. That rug WAS cute, too bad it was so bumpy, I don't blame you for returning it. On certain HGTV shows they like bring in 4 different rugs and then choose which one is best, must be nice, huh?!


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