Monday, January 30, 2012

chalk board doors

The doors in our basement looked like this.
I managed to get one coat of primer on the door to the left and never made it to the one on the right.  They have been in this state for roughly 5 months.  Awesome, I know.

Perhaps because I painted 5 of the doors upstairs before we admitted defeat and had them all replaced.  Or because I painted all the new doors with one coat before they were hung and still have to paint each one with another coat, well, I couldn't bring myself to paint these basement doors white.  Painting them with chalkboard paint however sounded kinda fun.  Chalkboard paint is thin and although it takes a few coats it feels quick and easy. 

So, after about three coats on each

So much nicer and I love the charcoal color of the paint against the white and soft grey!

I decided to get a little fancy and write laundry on this door since it leads to...  that's right, the laundry area!  The other door leads to the part of our basement where all all our random stuff lives and it is pretty much a horror show at all times in there.   I wasn't sure what to write on that door.  "Work room",  "Storage"  My husband wanted me to write "Snakes!  Keep out!"  Keep in mind this will all be scribbled over (at least the lower portion) by our little one.  So, I left it blank for now.   I'm going to make some sort of little felt pocket that will hang on the door to hold chalk so he can grab a piece and scribble anytime the mood hits him. 

 Two doors down, eleven to go!  Oh, that sentence makes me want to weep!  If you'd like to see more of our basement transformation you can check it out here.  Hope it was a nice weekend.  The northeast is having a seriously mild winter and I for one am a fan!!

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  1. Teresa!! This looks SO good. I can't believe you free-handed those letters! Looks like you used a stencil. We're replacing all the doors in our house and knowing that I'll have to paint them (twice!) makes me wanna cry too :(

  2. Teresa....... FANTASTIC idea! I would have never thought of adding chalkboard paint to my basement doors.... but WOW it turned out amazing! From someone who painted everything in her house ,just a few months ago (trim, doors, walls, cabinets, bedframes, etc....) let me encourage you..... YOU CAN DO IT! take it one door at a time :). Great Job my friend,
    Dee Dee

  3. Very cute! Good job on the lettering. I love chalkboard paint!

  4. This looks awesome! I love chalkboard paint!

  5. Ooooo, I was thinking of doing this to the door to my storage room so I could make lists of what supplies we're running low on. So happy to see this idea pictured, now I know how cute it looks! Love it!!

  6. The doors look great, what a good idea! I really enjoy your blog...I am new to this also. I hope we can be blogger buddies :)

  7. That looks so great!. I had chalkboard doors in my family's last house and we loved it!

  8. Teresa, I love how your chalkboard paint doors turned out! I especially love the Laundry door...such a good idea! I think it's precious that your little one will have a door to write on too! Thanks for sharing! I'm sharing this on my FB page!

  9. That is a great idea. I think it is awesome to have a door for little one to scribble on.


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