Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's happening!  I'm so excited and it does so much for the room!  I'll be back with photos once it is complete.

In other matters, we've never discussed the walls that separate the living and dining room.  There are two half walls with open shelving on top.  They at first looked really dated to me but once we painted them white things started to improve.  I've struggled with them still because although I want to accessorize them a little I don't want to clutter it up or block the light.  I found these simple white urns at good old A.C. Moore, popped some moss spheres I have in and placed them on top of books.  I think it is the first thing I've done with the walls that I like.  What do you think?  Honesty please? Pardon the photos, it is awfully murky out there today and we are lacking natural light.


  1. Wow! The tile is looking great. Your divider is so pretty - I like it simple. All white accessories would look so nice.

  2. Wow....
    Looking wonderful!
    Painted White your dividers take on a very modern feel! Very clean lines! Can't wait to see the completed back splash! Beautiful, simply beautiful!
    Dee Dee

  3. Love the subway tile you must be so excited! I like the urns it gives the dividers like a Greek key look to me which is cool!

  4. Love subway tile -used it a lot in my house too - can't wait to see it finished. The open shelves are looking snazzy too

  5. just found your blog via jenny's at little green notebook. you definitely need to fill all the spaces except for maybe one on each side (and not the same one)! if you do some clear glass or even blue glass vases or candle holders i think the light will still come through, but they will look "full" also, a couple of books in one of them...laying flat with a little something on top...kinda like what you did, only a shorter something. :)


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