Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wreath shuffle

You may remember my burlap wreath

It just didn't look as lovely on my front door as it did on my Mom's door.  Maybe something with the color?  The light wreath really popped with the burgundy door behind it.  Our bright green door didn't do much for it and hubby and I decided to display it elsewhere.  Here it is on the linen closet door in the hall. 
You can see it from the living room and I think it looks lovely against the white door (that needs another coat of paint but that's another story) with the taupe paint around it.

So that left the issue of the front door.  It was now left with nada after the Christmas swag was removed.  Then I realized I had my Grandmother's pine cone wreath.  My Aunt offered it to me and I was thrilled to have it.  It hung on my Grandmother's mirror in her dining room and I always remembered looking at it when I was little. 

We used it in our Christmas decor around a vase.
I thought it needed a little something and a way to hang it would be nice as well.  I'm sure it will come as a great shock that burlap came to mind.  I cut a strip and wrapped it around the wreath and stapled it.  I just pushed the stapled bit to the back so you can't see it and stuck the nail we have in the front door through the burlap.  I took another little strip of burlap and tied it around the exposed nail that poked through to hide it.  It still needed something....

A letter B!

Good thing I bought a ton of felt in preparation for the burlap wreath.  I cut out a little letter B and stuck it on.  I keep meaning to glue it but I guess I won't have to because days later it is still sticking.  The felt and burlap combination is working like velcro!

There you have it!  Looks winterish without being overly holiday I think. 

What do you think about winter decor?  For the first time ever I'm leaving some greens and such from our Christmas decorations out as an attempt at winter decorating.  I like it and it is helping avoid some of the "whoa it looks blah in here" issues I usually face when all the Christmas trimmings come down at once. 


  1. I love seasonal decor but usually don't end up getting around to putting it out. I'll have to work on that haha :) Your wreath looks great!

  2. Very Nice! Looks great against the green door

  3. All look lovely and I love the burlap hanger!

  4. LOVE both of these wreaths...esp. adore the burlap hanger! xo


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