Thursday, May 3, 2012


I added a tab up top for my artwork.

 Yup, there it is!

I thought it would be nice to share my work in one spot and let everyone know that I have an etsy shop where it can be purchased.  You can take a look,

My focus drifted from making art for a while and settled more on our home.  Probably a pretty natural shift for a new homeowner who is giddy with decorating options.  Decorating and making things for a home are artistic endeavors as well after all.  I've had an etsy shop for several years and have sold a handful of pieces.  I also had a personal website that focused on photo realistic oil portraits I was doing at the time.  It wasn't really work that I enjoyed anymore so I let that go by the wayside.  In my goals for the new year I wanted to get drawing and I remembered how much I enjoyed printmaking.  I thought maybe that would get me excited again.   So, I started with the linocuts.  My owl for starters...

and the work had me inspired.  A lovely feeling when you've been in a dry spell and feeling distant from making art.

This blog will always be about what I do in our home because I truly love it and it is such a great passion for me but I want to keep sharing the artwork I make because that too is a passion and I get so excited every time I make a new piece.  My nature as an artist has always been to drift in and out of periods of great productivity and inspiration to more challenging times when there wasn't much happening.  I'm in a good place of inspiration and productivity in both my home and my personal artwork.  So I'll keep working and keep sharing and if perhaps there has been a while since you've seen any artwork you could mention it to me?   A gentle reminder to get to work : )


  1. So proud of you!
    You are a wonderful artist!
    dee dee

  2. It's always good to get back to art making! I know how that feels. After my son was born, I wasn't able to do much painting for a while. I missed it a lot. So I know how it feels. Your artwork is great! I love that self portrait- amazing! Keep up the good work :)


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