Thursday, May 17, 2012

master pillow

Sorry for the absence.  You know how it goes,  a little of this and that and well life gets in the way!

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend and went to a mother daughter tea with my Mom at a once private home here in NJ that now hosts classes and events in their public gardens.

We got to have tea sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and drink really delicious tea out of proper china tea pots on the veranda of this grand place.  Isn't it fun to be fancy sometimes?

My Mom brought down my gift with her.

A new pillow for our master bedroom.  We're getting more yellow in here little by little.

I'm not sure how to arrange it yet.  Like this...

or this

or this

It looks pretty to me every way.  She did an excellent job, complete with contrasting striped piping.

Well done Mom, I love it.

at the picket fence


  1. Love the bolster and option 3 is my favorite. Also there's a lovely tea house in Flemington that I went to for a bridal shower last year. It's fun to be girly!

  2. Hi Teresa,
    That should've been fun! Having a tea party! It remainds me when my daughter use to love those kind of parties!
    I love the pops of yellow in your bedroom! That pillow is perfect! No wonder they say -Mother knows best!- I like your second arragement the most! but anyway you arrange it it looks great!

  3. Teresa,
    Oh I love a tea party with my Mom! What a lovely place to have one! Your mom did a great job with your new bed pillow!
    dee dee

  4. The setting you were in was so inviting. How fun. I love the colors of your pillows. You can never go wrong with a bolster pillow. Sweet gift. I found you at "At the Picket Fence" - Inspiration Friday. Stop and see me at Quirky Vistas sometime!


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