Friday, May 4, 2012

iron bed

I haven't mentioned much about the big boy room transformation in a while.  We are at a bit of a stand still.  Things are as updated as they can be until we put our little guy in a real bed.  At the moment we have removed the side of his crib so he has a toddler bed/day bed situation going one which he has been doing very well with.

I'm a little anxious to put him in a real bed so I can finish up the room but I don't want to rush it.  While we were driving to Trader Joe's the other weekend I spotted a yard sale with an old iron bed out front and screamed "I want that!!!!!" so we stopped the car and found an awesome antique iron bed on sale for just 45 bucks!  Old iron beds were generally made to whatever size they wanted and they don't adhere to the twin, full, queen, king world of today.  This bed frame was just a few inches wider than a twin and the same length.  Sold!  We crammed it in the car and still went to Trader Joe's then returned home with a trunk full of junk!

We brought the bed frame down in the basement when we got home so I could check it out further and realized that one of the bed rails wasn't fitting quite right.  They are tapered pin rails and once I examined them a little closer I realized one fit the headboard and footboard properly and the other was very similar but didn't slide all the way in.

I got a little swept up in the purchase and didn't look at it as closely as I should have.  Without finding a welder or trying to purchase some other antique rails that would fit  (which are triple the price we paid for the whole frame on ebay) we wouldn't be able to make it work for our little guy in a way that I would be confident was safe.  We only paid $45 for the whole thing and I was pretty happy with that price for just the fantastic headboard.  So we decided we'll be painting it and attaching it to the wall then placing a regular twin bed frame in front of it.  Works for me!  The foot board might have shrunk his little room a bit too much anyway and maybe in the future we'll figure out a way to make it work.

Here is the headboard.

A terrible photo from the basement but you get the idea.  It is very tall and has a worn gold paint job at the moment.  We were unsure what color to paint it but then I saw this.

crate and barrel
and realized that is would be fantastic in black.  Especially against his light blue walls.  So that is the plan!  We just have to decide when to make the leap into a twin bed for him.  When did you transition your little one?  I think he would be fine with it but we are a bit hesitant because he is sleeping so wonderfully right now, who wants to mess with a toddler's sleep?!

We took a trip to an art supply store this morning.  It has been a while since I wandered around a proper art store not just A.C. Moore or Michaels.  Not that I don't adore those stores as well but a real art supply store is entirely different.  I got more supplies for my prints and enjoyed browsing all the goodies.  I'm a stocked up and ready to create so hopefully I'll have more to share soon.  Have a happy weekend.  It is supposed to stop raining here finally I think!


  1. Just love this bed! I am kicking myself for not buying the $20 one at my local thrift store last week (granted I didn't need it, don't have a place for it... but kicking myself anyway!
    dee dee


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