Thursday, May 10, 2012

letter gift

It is pretty clear that I like letters.  I use (or overuse) them in our home decor really often.  When my friend was getting married last year and her M was becoming an H, I figured  I'd spread some letter love and put a little more H in her life.

I ordered a monogrammed tote from Lands End.  There are tons of options in colors and styles.  I went with a medium size tote with tide pool aqua trim and had them monogram a letter H for her.  You can check out all their options here.

I picked up a letter H hook from Michaels and a little monogramed H notepad as well.  Then I picked two platters she had on her registry.  I know people register for things because they actually want them but I'm never a huge fan of only getting registry gifts, especially when it is a close friend.   Getting a couple things from the registry and a couple that I picked always feels like a better balance to me.  I wrapped the platters and got it all together...

and we were in business.  It was a hit and she has used everything in her home and toted around that tote plenty.

I did a silhouette of her and her fiance for their wedding gift.  They kindly displayed it at their reception and it now hangs in their home.

The happy couple will be married a year this June.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to your friend! Great gift ideas!
    dee dee


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