Monday, May 21, 2012

Now that's some paper!

We decided to avoid calling the electrician and try to move our doorbell chime in the kitchen to free up the wall space for our new cabinets.  Much of the electrical wiring in this place has proved to be a little wonky.  Turns out to move the chime box it would be more work that it is worth.  So we wrapped the wires and jammed them in the wall and instead bought a wireless doorbell that is working perfectly thus far.  I'm glad to have avoided a pricey electrician visit.  

Our house was covered in wallpaper, well IS covered in wallpaper.  Most of it is painted over and the only rooms that actually have the paper removed are the kitchen and the bathroom.  It was a torturous process trying to strip all the wallpaper in our kitchen and I will never again heckle those couples on House Hunters who complain about wallpaper in a house.  I used to yell "oh stop it!  just peel the wallpaper and move on!"  but now I see what a fool I was.  Anyway, I actually like wallpaper but we probably won't be adding any to this home.  Especially since we'd be papering over painted paper, can you even do that?

Look at this paper we uncovered when removing the old doorbell chime.

and a close up

Wow!  Avocado green, orange and metallic gold.  Looks like we have a royal lady, a coach, something about perfume?  An interesting choice for a kitchen.  Can you imagine facing a whole room of this in the morning?  Funny enough the green is rather close to my green accents in there but I think I'd skip the orange and gold. 

We toyed with the idea of wall papering the kitchen.  When I was removing the old wallpaper and finding some imperfections in the walls we thought it might be nice to cover them up with paper.  I still think it would look nice but the mere thought of doing it makes me tired.  There is no doubt wallpaper can look great in a kitchen though.  I'll leave you with this pretty image of a kitchen filled with trees.  Happy Monday!


  1. I couldn't even imagine a whole room of that but what a fun surprise! We too have a wireless doorbell and it works like a charm.

  2. Oh boy those colors remind me of the kitchen I grew up in! Orange, avocado green, harvest yellow!
    Can't wait to see how your project turns out!
    dee dee


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